Four beautiful budgerigars imported from France to Japan

Dec 6, 2021

We helped to move four beautiful budgerigars(Melopsittacus undulatus) from France to Japan.

It was a two-month work period, the birds were actually live in Other countries.

Now the condition is because that country had bird-flu so japan doesn't allow the direct import from there.

So first, we relocated them into France and did the all import requirements process for birds.

Finally, we successfully get all documents and finish all requirements to import the birds into Japan.

And finally imported them into japan, after their arrival, we deliver them to the Owner's home.

The best part is our teamwork with the Owner, without their it was difficult to relocate, but the owners played themself the top role of the export country groundwork all process, So we would really like to appreciate it.

After their reunion in Japan, they give us a beautiful review which we would like to share with you.

"Moving internationally, especially during a pandemic, is stressful and complicated, but moving with pets is even more difficult, especially with birds as there are lots of restrictions regarding their transportation. We were very worried at the idea of our 4 budgerigars to move from France to Japan, as statistics showed that no pet bird had done that trip in years!

As such, we wanted to make sure to enlist the best help possible to make this difficult project a success.

Looking online for IPATA-approved importers in Japan, we quickly found that Burden was the most responsive and helpful company from the very beginning. During the whole process, they made sure to ask the right questions, check on us at every step of the process, and to let us know when we needed to take action; they also coordinated extremely well with the authorities on the Japanese side, before and at the time of the move.

We had lots of sleepless nights trying to organize the move, but we always felt reassurance from Burden that everything was under control on the import side of the process.
Ram, our main contact at Burden, showed a lot of care and professionalism in all our communication, and we were impressed by his ability to get things done quickly and efficiently while always being pleasant and courteous. It was great to have an interlocutor who speaks English flawlessly, as that proved to be most helpful for communication with the export side of the process in France. Despite our many questions and the difficulty of the task at hand, Ram went above and beyond to make sure everything was moving along smoothly.

All in all, we are thoroughly satisfied with Burden's service, and our 4 little birds are now happily enjoying their new life in Tokyo!
I wholeheartedly recommend anyone thinking of moving with their pet animals to Japan to work with Burden.

We will forever be grateful for everything that Burden has done for our birds!"

Mr. E and Ms. E